self care

be your own spa

I am a person who prefers self-administered self care. Maybe it is because I am always too broke to get a massage, a haircut, or my nails done, but I try to do these things for myself one day a week. I work a lot with my body, so if I neglect the quiet time, my body gets cranky and eventually forces me to stop.

If you are in a position where you are unable to get your usual self care fix, here are some ways I have turned my home space into a personal spa that may inspire your home self care practice

set a time

I take a look at my weekly schedule on Sundays and see where I can pop in my self care moments. Then I plan on the day and I stick to it, reasoning with myself that if I am able to keep appointments with others, I can surely keep this appointment with myself. Sometimes I do have to schedule things around my self care, but I try to at least make it a lighter load for myself so I am able to focus mostly on myself.

That cute egg was handmade by SensEmilia

set an intention

What does your body want to do? Sit and listen to yourself. Does it want to recline on comfy pillows, sipping rosehip tea while looking at color swatches? Does it want to wallow its feet in a bubble bath? Does it want to roll out its back on a floor using a foam roller, wailing in “pain” for an hour as you work through your knots? Maybe it wants to belt out the full Boys for Pele album by Tori Amos? Honor what you are feeling and go for it! These are all things my body has wanted for self care time, so if they are speaking to you, do the thing!

more ideas

  • Sing to your pets
  • Paint your nails
  • Sit in the sunshine
  • Make a useless craft
  • Bake yourself a cake
  • Go for a hike
  • Read some weird poetry
  • Write some weird poetry

Do you have a self care routine? How have you managed to continue your routine through the quarantine? Share your tips and let’s keep our bodies & minds healthy and balanced together!