my hips don’t lie

Working in balancing postures forces you to find good alignment, or else you fall over. Finding balance has always been a struggle for me, but I always remind myself that the struggle is what makes us stronger.

I have always been flexible and splits come naturally, but as you can see from the header image above, my balance of strength and flexibility is off. You can see it in my hips — that right hip is not as strong as the left. My hips don’t lie in these photos. I also fell over many times attempting to take these photos.

I am using these photos as a starting point for me to make an effort to practice balance so my muscles can work in the most efficient way possible when I need them. If I continue working within my current imbalances, I am sure they will act as a domino effect as my other muscles try to compensate. Maybe one day I’ll start to walk differently because of it, or have pain when I move certain ways.

I find that when I teach too much, the demonstrating on one side causes imbalance, forcing me to then switch to the other side. If I am doing too much physical activity, I need to take moments to find more stillness to balance my body and my mind. I am an introverted person, so if I am around people too much, I need to find time to be alone to balance it all out.

I think it is also helpful to work toward finding balance in all the things I do during my day and I try to put effort in toward balancing my routine. Building a relationship with how balance keeps us balanced (LOL) can help us understand why sometimes struggling needs to happen, and it makes us stronger so we can enjoy the good times.

What are some ways you are imbalanced? How do you incorporate balance physically, mentally, or spiritually into your day? Share your tips and let’s keep our bodies & minds healthy and balanced together!

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