hip hold

Muscle memory hangs on to tension like tradition

Our bodies are efficient problem solvers, but oftentimes we experience situations that cause us to operate on autopilot. Reacting to bad news subconsciously retreats our bodies to the fetal position, causing sadness, fear, and worry to be trapped in the muscles of the hips.

Muscle memory hangs on to the tension like tradition, but it can be released through mindful stretching and strengthening, changing you from the inside out. Many realize you can be transformed by the outside in, but it’s also possible the other way around

Dance is not for everyone, but it is my form of therapy, fitness, and artistic expression. I teach my hips to hold the pole a lot stronger than the memories of failures, sadness, and anxieties for the future. Repeating the dance like a ritual, heals my body and makes me stronger inside and out. Like magic.

Do you have tight hips? Where do you hold tension? How do you release that tension? What do you do for artistic and expressive release?

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