Be Your Own Cheerleader!

Sometimes things happen in life that throw you off course, forcing you to stop and change everything. Maybe you were fired from a job. Maybe you are going through a divorce. Or maybe the entire earth is in quarantine from a contagious virus pandemic.

It’s hard to stay calm and accept change. Good thing humans (and our own bodies) are great at adapting. The first step to adapting is to be your own cheerleader! Remind yourself of how far you have come as a human, through many periods of ups and downs, and know that in the end a change on the outside brings upon change on the inside, and vise versa.

A way to begin a new life, whether it be a permanent or temporary situation, is establishing a routine. This is a great time to take a fine-toothed comb across your daily life, noting what is working and what is not. Taking time to let go of the things you are doing that no longer work in this new life, will help you to replace the tasks with things to benefit your new way of thinking.

You are your own boss. How should you plan your day? I love checklists and they work for me, so if that resonates with you too, consider this list with great links to keep you on track when things change:

  1. Set The Alarm
    Wake up every day at a regular schedule.
  2. Eat Sensible Foods
    Staying healthy and relieving stress go hand in hand.
  3. Learn Something
    Challenge your brain and body to try something new.
  4. Art
    Making and looking at art changes your way of thinking.
  5. Movement
    Incorporate and exercise regimen that interests you.
  6. Rest
    Sit quietly alone with yourself, and consider meditating.

My daily schedule keeps me working — if I do not have structure, I fall into bad habits. I wake up every day at 6:30am, even on weekends (I occasionally sleep in as a treat). I exercise in the morning, and again in the evening, (try my workouts). I try to fit in small, healthy (vegan) meals throughout the day to fuel my body, and if the weather is nice, I eat lunch outside. I love artistic projects, even if it’s just looking at colors to feel inspired. I have recently taken up learning Spanish online, and it’s been a challenge I enjoy. One thing I do have trouble with is rest. I always feel like I need to be moving around. I need to schedule more time to just be.

What is your ideal schedule? How do you deal with change?

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